Mom & Babe Postpartum Group

Group Class

$140 + HST

This 6-week series class is designed for Moms and Babes in about the first 3 months after birth.  These first few months after your baby is born is a time of intense emotional and physical adjustment for the whole family, especially mothers and babies. 

Each week you will have the opportunity to check-in with and share your experiences.  We will talk  about various postpartum issues to help you feel more supported during this time. This is an in-person group in Elmvale, ON.

  Masks are not required, but we continue to be a mask-friendly group.


What Will We Talk About?

  • Your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences

  • Newborn and baby sleep patterns & getting new parents more sleep

  • Feeding Basics for babies (breast, bottle and everything in between)

  • Physical and mental health & healing of the birthing parent

  • Newborn care and behaviour (attachment/bonding, comforting, crying, babywearing etc.)

  • Navigating relationships (partner, family, friends) and managing your life (career, household) with a new baby

  • Postpartum resources and support in the community

  • Anything and everything that's important to YOU as you navigate your postpartum days.

Image by Raul Angel

Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Groups

*Tuesdays at 10am {Aug. 30 - Oct. 4}

  Location:  Motivationz Fitness Studio, Elmvale