Breastfeeding Support Services

As A Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, I can provide support and education to you throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum in uncomplicated breastfeeding/chestfeeding situations.  This might include:

  • Helping identify/meet lactation goals

  • Assessing parent and baby and creating a care plan

  • Instruct and support with optimal positioning, latch, frequency & duration of feeding and infant output

  • Assessing effective milk transfer

  • Instruction on creating and maintaining milk supply in parents with preterm/late-preterm infants

  • Instruction and counselling on expressing milk and handling/storing expressed milk

  • Refer families to important community resources and other health care professionals


Breastfeeding Support Appointment
($40/hr + HST)

  • In-home or virtual breastfeeding support appointment.  Topic of discussion is individual to clients.

Breastfeeding Support Package
($175 + HST)

This package includes 5 in-home or virtual appointments (approximately 1 hour each) for on-going breastfeeding support and education in an uncomplicated breastfeeding situation.  How can I help?

  • Help you develop and understand your breastfeeding goals

  • Help you develop a plan to reach your breastfeeding goals

  • Instructing and coaching on optimal latch, positioning, feeding frequency and duration

  • provide referrals to appropriate additional health care providers