Doula at Home



When Should I Hire A Doula?

Anytime during your pregnancy is a good time, but often booking earlier means a doula is more likely to have an opening. Booking early gives you a chance to develop a plan of action with your Doula.

Can I Use a Doula's Support Without Having them at my Birth?

Absolutely!  I offer both a Prenatal Doula and Postpartum Doula option which means I would be a resource to you throughout pregnancy or after the baby is born (or both!).   

Prenatal Doula support would include mini childbirth prep classes, email/text/phone support to help you find information and answer your questions or even accompanying you to appointments if you need assistance.  It can include helping you decide what type of birth you want and how to prepare you for life with a new baby.  

Postpartum doula support would include helping around your home after your baby arrives.  It might include meal prep, light housework, holding the baby while you sleep/shower/eat.  It also includes just chatting about your birth and how you’re feeling in the postpartum days.  A Postpartum Doula is like a friend who also knows a lot about babies, birth and breastfeeding.

Hiring a doula seems like a big expense to me.  How can I manage this?

Here are a few ways you can afford to hire a doula:

  • Hire a doula early and spread out payment into smaller chunks.  I am happy to offer payment plans!

  • Add doula services (or gift certificates for doula services) to your baby registry. 

  • Do your research on all the fancy baby gear before you buy (or look for second hand).  Many items are overpriced (for the amount of times you use them) and unnecessary.  Sometimes this money could be better spent supporting you during or after your birth.

  • Suggest a services swap.  Do you provide a service that you could swap for birth support?  You never know!

More questions?  Send me an email, I’m happy to answer them!